Leadership, Management and Supervision

"Leaders need not necessarily be managers, but managers must always be good leaders" Changing Lives. Report of the 21st C Social Work Review, (2006) Scottish Executive

Sandra Strathie and partners have extensive experience in developing skills for seniors, managers, head teachers and staff at all levels of an organisation, including Chief Executive Officers and their working groups. Sandra was trained in management coaching by Ton Strouken (VHT and VIG program development, training, supervision, The Netherlands) and has worked with management teams across the UK.

All of the management related courses developed by Glen Strathie involve elements of reflective practise (with or without a camera).

All development and coaching activity is aimed at building on existing strengths and promoting; leadership, emotionally intelligent practice, effective communication, and the actualisation of values in practice. All development work follows the management system of the organisation, integrating with established supervisory and management processes and systems including human resources.

Courses and Development Programmes to date have included

  • Managing Meetings
  • Communication for Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Introduction to Supervision
  • Effective Communication in Supervision
  • Advanced coaching for experienced supervisors, managers and leaders.
  • Coaching support and development for mentors, practice educators, therapists.
  • Presentation skills including technical support if required.

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We have the expertise to support generalist or specialist HR operations through our learning and development work or consultation. We can offer advice or support on evaluation or research.

Individual, Team and Organisational Outcomes are set in collaboration with the commissioning organisation. Evaluations to date have shown improvements in the following areas.

Management - the manager clearly communicates their ability to support staff performance to ensure the needs of the service are met.

Development - the manager demonstrates an awareness of coaching, and scaffolding of the skills, knowledge and behaviour of staff in relation to their developmental requirements.

Support - the manager communicates in a way that ensures that staff are supported in line with their individual rights and needs.

Mediation - the manager understands the mediation function and can effectively communicate between individual staff, managers, departments and external agencies.

Managing Meetings – the manager demonstrates enhanced skills and knowledge in chairing meetings

Conflict Management – the manager feels more confident and skilled in managing conflict

"This course was inspiring. Definitely a case of the more you put into it the more you get out of it."

Social Care Officer

"Being here has helped me deal with some of the most difficult conflicts I have had to deal with in my working life."


"It's not about our tasks; it’s about how we are with people. There was a good mix of theory and practice."


"VERP has enhanced my ability to put my staff at ease and to help create a more trusting environment. I now understand a lot better how I appear to other people."

Unit Manager

"I have observed staff using the skills they developed both informally and formally in their professional work."

Unit manager

"When I saw myself on camera all sorts of things went through my head. I just put a lot of that behind me and concentrated on my personal development. The course has been an eye opener; it has made me think about my feelings and anxieties. Small groups were great - we came from different parts of the service. It's quite personal and I have gained so much from it. I use it in my work every day. I think about what I do, I am always reflecting on my practice."


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