Health and Social Care

The Glen Strathie Partnership has extensive experience of working with community care services, social care staff and in health services. Glen Strathie have worked alongside Social Care Managers, SVQ assessors and Health Behaviour Change professionals to develop enablement programmes and introductory and specialist communication training , for example working with people with dementia or learning disabilities. Glen Strathie takes a strengths-based approach to development, building on the skills of the staff and building on the strengths and abilities of those who use Social and Health Care services.

Bespoke training and consultation to the requirements of the commissioning agency.

All learning programmes or short courses are outcomes based with regard to the needs of the commissioning agency.

Glen Strathie can provide evaluation tools and independent evaluation if required.

We also have experience of working in the residential sector with workers and young people

In 2011 Sandra Strathie and Calum Strathie on behalf of Residential Child Care Services received a special commendation for – 'Investing in the Workforce: Developing Practice'

The programme used Video Enhanced Reflective Practice and was highly evaluated by all the staff and young people who participated. A strong element of this programme was the involvement of the young people in the training, the joint assessment of workers and evaluation.


  • Introduction to Enablement
  • Coaching to Enable
  • Communication Strengths and Differences
  • Introduction to Autism
  • The Art of Effective Communication
  • Practice Development Workshops

Health and Social Care

Sandra Strathie is a Health Behaviour Change Trainer who works with colleagues in the NHS and Social Work to provide support to staff to achieve the organisation’s health and behaviour improvement goals.

Sandra has been trained and supported by Stephen Valentine, Health Behaviour Change Co-ordinator and Trainer, to develop her understanding of Motivational Interviewing, Health Behaviour Change and Brain Friendly Learning Principles.

Please contact Sandra Strathie if you require training and development specific to health, social or community care or for more information on any aspect of VIG or VERP in a health or social care context.

Sandra is using VERP with student doctors to enhance communication and attunement in clinical safety and supervising on a similar project in the University of Nottingham.

VERP is also being used to strengthen Health Behaviour Change training for professionals and in improving interactions between doctors and those with complex needs and their carers’.


2010 – 2012 Provision of Training, Supervision, Accreditation, and Consultancy to North East Autism Society - Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

The aim of this project was to enhance interpersonal skills between staff and service users to create a more person centred culture within the organisation.

The Glen Strathie Partnership worked with this research project led by Dr Deborah James, Reader in Child and Family Communications and Director, Research in Education and Life Long Learning, to support the implementation of this project.

"I have learned more about his skills and differences, and have discovered traits which help me understand his thought processes more fully."
"The course gave me more time to reflect on my practice. I found it really useful and left me wanting to do more. I think VERP is very important to continuing professional development – you enhance your communication in service provision. For the service user I think that is a bonus. I think they felt more equal in the partnership. More empowered."
"I thought the coaching was very skilled"
Health Behaviour Change Trainer

"If I was in a difficult situation I feel more confident now in approaching that situation, whereas before I was not confident."
Medical Student

"The coaching helped us move from conscious competence to reflective practice."
Social Worker

"Receiving affirmations from the group is really powerful."
Health Care Trainer

"We get a lot of training on communication, but nothing like this before."
Medical Student

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